Asheville Hardware first opened its doors in 2007 at 91 Biltmore Avenue (now home to Wicked Weed Brewery) with a commitment to bringing high quality tools and hardware to Asheville's surging craft and construction community. By 2010, we had begun to drift away from hardware as our loyal customers gravitated towards our ever expanding selection of woodworking tools and lumber. In may 2010 we moved to our present location at 10 Buxton Avenue in the heart of Asheville's up and coming South Slope.  Here we have over 12,000 square feet of retail space showcasing our unique selection of fine tools and locally harvested lumber. From scrap wood sold by the pound to Sawstop table saws, we supply both the novice and the professional woodworker.  


The past 5 years have seen great resurgence in the use of natural edge or slab lumber in the art of furniture making. The live edge aesthetic has a great diversity and versatility in its ability to be incorporated into many different architectural styles and craft traditions--from rustic to modern to contemporary. We are proud to be the regions largest retail supplier of locally harvested live edge slab lumber.


Choosing & using the right tool for the job is a sacred duty exercised by the carpenter, homeowner, & artist alike. In order to provide tools & equipment for a wide variety of trades & applications, we work with a host of local, national, and multinational suppliers so that you have what you need to finish the job. From Festool to Sawstop, traditional handtools to CNC routers, we keep a large inventory so that you can see, touch, & feel what you are buying.

Used tools

We have designated 1000 square feet in the back of the store for used equipment.  From hand tools to commercial machinery, many in Asheville know to hunt for a bargain in our used section. Have tools to sell or consign? Ask us about consignment or estate appraisals




Local Resources

Our region is rich with craft and so is the support network for those involved.  Click here to see a full list of community resources.

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