Custom Roubo Workbench --SOLD--

Shufelt's Roubo

Known for its minimalist but stout structure and integrated leg vise, the Roubo workench is the great legacy of 18th century French craftsman, Andre Jacob Roubo. Having built several others in the past, Kirk Shufelt of Sylva, NC is no stranger to the Roubo style and as much as he follows in the tradition of the master, he wows with a touch of modern. This bench is comprised of:

  • Reclaimed White Oak Legs & Stretchers
  • Hard Maple Top
  • Maple & Walnut Leg Vise
  • Walnut Sliding Deadman
  • Walnut Tail Vise End Cap

The hardware for this bench is made exclusively by Benchcrafed

Leg Vise: Benchcrafted Classic with Crisscross Support

Tail Vise: Benchcrafted Tail Vise M

*Kirk will deliver within 300 miles for the cost of diesel.

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