Free Shipping on Rockler Products Every Week!


As a Rockler Partner Store, we offer free shipping for most of Rockler's extensive catalog on a weekly basis. 

Sometimes the shipping fee on a tool or small piece of hardware can cost just as much if not more than the item itself. As a Rocker Partner Store, we order from Rockler on a weekly basis. Add your order to our weekly store order to get free shipping on 99% of the Rockler catalog* (in store pick-up only).

**Exceptions may include all items with additional mandatory freight charges, Rockler exclusive promotions, & select machinery. Terms subject to change at Asheville Hardware discretion.

  1. Search the Rockler Catalog

  2. Send in your order inquiry using the form on this page .

  3. OR place your order with Asheville Hardware via phone or in person by Tuesday 4PM of each week.

  4. Payment in full required at time of order.

  5. Allow one week turn-around time (Tuesday - Tuesday).

  6. Enjoy free shipping!

  7. In store pick-up

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